Services - Vault Fine Art Services
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  • From the most delicate and small-scale two-dimensional work to the most monumental sculptural object, Vault offers public and private installation services at every scale, in close conversation with our clients. Vault has extensive experience collaborating with residential interior designers, architects, and engineers to advise, facilitate, and coordinate the placement of any work. Just as importantly, Vault offers expert guidance for deinstallation and its specific needs and permitting requirements.


  • With Vault’s team, you can trust that work of any size or material will receive state-of-the-art preparation for its journey. Crates are custom-built to the unique specifications of each individual object, with special attention to any obstacles that might arise during travel, whether the work is going across town or overseas.


  • Vault is a unique art handling company in its attention to collection management services. As artists, we recognize the value of a single organization facilitating all aspects of handling, transportation, storage, and accessibility, while also providing professional services for the long-term life of the work. For this reason, we provide expert and personalized assistance with our specialized photography studio, archive protection, inventory management, TMS services, and broker facilitation.


  • Working closely with international conservation experts, Vault offers collections management, cleaning, and conservation for work in any and all media, material, and installation conditions. From routine condition reviews and recommendations to specialized indoor or outdoor installations, Vault is a dedicated, certified, and specialized source for long-term, scheduled care of sensitive work.


  • Getting to the nuts and bolts of shipping and art handling often comes down to how an object is packed. With careful attention to detail and specialized training in object handling and maintenance, Vault custom-packs each object, ensuring that even the shortest journey is safe and secure.


  • Vault takes the stress out of transportation for all local, national, and international fine art shipping needs by partnering with the most reputable transportation contractors in the business. With personalized trips specific to your needs, we guarantee safe, fast, secure, no-hassle, personalized travel for any art work, anywhere.


  • Climate

  • The facility maintains 70 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 percent humidity through a 24-hour temperature monitoring system. Water sensors are also present to detect the presence of any moisture.

  • Space

  • The art-specific storage facility is 10,000 square feet and offers more than 56,000 cubic feet of storage for single objects as well as large inventories. Clients may store their works for a variety of durations and access them through convenient, attentive scheduling.

  • Security

  • Security is of the utmost importance to Vault. The facility employs a 24-hour, state-of-the-art multilayered security system with multiple redundancy systems.

  • More

  • Vault offers 500 square feet of space for private viewing, photography and conservation work.


  • Consultations
  • Photographic documentation
  • Examinations
  • Condition reports
  • Surveys and collection assessments
  • Anoxic treatment for infested items
  • Disaster response and treatment of damaged items
  • Comprehensive documentation of time-based media artworks, installations, and performances
  • Installation instructions for complex artworks
  • Artist interviews
  • Conservation┬átreatment of cultural objects and sculpture of all materials, including outdoor sculpture, plastics, kinetic art, light-based art, installation art, built interiors, design objects, architectural models, and other three-dimensional items.
  • Packing and shipping recommendations
  • Development of annual maintenance plans for collections and outdoor sculpture
  • Storage recommendations, including digital storage
  • Courier┬áservices
  • Outdoor sculpture maintenance
  • Sculpture cleaning